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13 05 2017


Our mutual friends just told such a great news, they have a surprise for you! Just take a look open link

Good wishes, Mary Bradford

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Additionally, parachutes aren’t as simple as as the movies make it seem. You need to know WHEN to open your chute, otherwise you could be stuck in the air for quite a while, being blown all over the countryside. And that’s if you’re lucky and it opens properly. Air resistance needs to be high enough to force the chute open.

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25 03 2017

Dear friend!

I’ve noticed a great improvement in your work, and I need your opinion about an issue, please take a look open message

My Best, Mary Bradford

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9 06 2013



2 04 2013

Thank you Randa

pic specials birthdays

25 03 2013

Thank you Randa

VBS spring break 2013 5

25 03 2013

Thank you Randa

VBS spring break 2013 4

25 03 2013

Thank you Randa